Our Mission

To help you learn to flex emotionally through life’s ups and downs in the most helpful ways for your long-term mental health.




Counseling is for Everyone

After more than a decade of practice in clinical and private practice settings, Mason is prepared to help you learn to flex more wisely. He has seen that learning to adapt and accept life’s hard stuff while acting in committed ways that align with your values allows you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals – even the ones you thought you weren’t capable of.

By helping others learn and utilize the core principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the tools of the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy modalities, Mason has counseled numerous clients through a myriad of life changes and the completion of big goals using scientifically tested methods. He also stresses the importance of mindfulness (and what that word even means) in the process of achieving those desired outcomes.

Mason began his career working in the juvenile justice system in Dallas County and noticed the need for more emphasis on the acceptance side of the change model with his young clients. Over the following years and into his time in private practice, he has become skilled in these modalities, working with experts in these fields to bring you modern therapeutic strategies that can truly help.

Mason is experienced in working with clients who are currently struggling with:

Life Changes
And More!

Communities Served:

Mason has seen great outcomes across the age spectrum, working with a variety of specific communities, including:

Adolescents &
Young Adults

Who may be facing behavioral or emotional challenges


To whom he offers affirming care, support, and empathy

Middle Aged &
Older Adults

Who are navigating through transitions that come with these years

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